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Split AC Repair in Mumbai

Mini split air conditioner has several potential applications either in residential or in commercial buildings.  Typically, mini split air conditioners are ductless that can be applied to houses with heating systems like hydraulic, radiant panels and space heaters.  Ductless, can also be a great option for room additions and in small apartments, especially if the distribution ductwork installation and extension is not feasible.   

Similar to a central air conditioner or heating system, a mini split air conditioner has two main components. These are the outdoor compressor/condenser and the indoor air-handling unit.  A conduit links the outdoor and indoor components together.  A conduit houses the power cable, refrigerant tubing, suction tubing and condensate drain.    

Mini split air conditioners give different benefits to their owners.  But their main advantages are their size and flexibility.  They are categorized as small units.  They are flexible for zoning or warming and cooling down individual rooms.  Many models of mini splits have at most four indoor air-handling units that are connected to only one outdoor unit.  The four indoor air-handling units can heat up and cool down four zones or rooms.   

Since mini split air conditioners are ductless, they can prevent energy losses related to ductwork of central conditioning systems.  Energy losses through ducts can amount at least 30% of energy consumption.  This is especially true if the ducts are placed in an unconditioned area like in an attic.

The smooth functioning of a product depends on its proper maintenance. So, if you have a product, then you need to take god care of it. In case of an AC whether domestic or commercial, the following points should be noted for better performance and durability of the product. The various components of it include:

  • Air conditioning filter is an important part of an AC. It should be changed every month or every two months regularly depending on its use. If not the air would be dirty and filled with pollutants. The dirty air conditioning filters also increases the air conditioning repair and maintenance cost.
  • Another important part is the compressor. It compresses low pressure, low volume gas making them the high pressure, high temperature and the gas needed for the AC. It also removes vapor from the evaporator to maintain a low boiling point. Make sure to clean the compressor regularly to get cool and refreshing air. Oil specially designed for the ACs can be used for its longevity.
  • When air passes through the system, the evaporator coil absorbs the heat to provide cold air throughout the space. Replacing the old evaporator coil improves the air flow and air circulation inside the home.
  • Air conditioning maintenance also includes cleaning of air ducts or ducts. In the air conditioning system, air ducts are spread throughout the entire house keeping the area cool and pleasant. Hence, the ductwork ought to be cleaned regularly to remove the dust collected on air ducts.
  • Sometimes there might be problem with the heating and split air conditioning of your air conditioner. You need to clean your air filters. If, still the problem continues, then it`s time to call an expert.

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