The expertise of our professionals Ac Repair Technician

All our technicians are highly trained and they have years of experience in repairing all kinds of air conditioners. So be it any type of AC setup in households, offices, commercial buildings, industrial sector etc in the Mumbai city, we know how to deal with all sorts of problems related with air conditioners.

Our pricing and services

If you will compare our prices with any other competitor in Mumbai then you will find that our rates are far more reasonable and services are simply unbeatable. We don't make any exaggerated claims. You just have to pay for the exact repair facility that we will provide, so we are not going to charge even a single extra penny from you.

You can expect the following services from our side

  • Complete installation help
  • Whether you have bought a new AC or are shifting your existing AC to a new spot, we will handle the entire installation process very carefully.

  • Optimization of the cooling level
  • We will check for all kinds of faults so that it can be ensured that the cooling level is at optimum stage.

  • Checking for gas leakages
  • We will check whether the gas level in your ac is adequate or not. Sometimes there are leakages which may completely hamper the functioning of your ac. The gas should be neither over filled nor under filled. We will check the compressor and associated parts as well.

  • Comprehensive evaluation of faulty parts and thereby repairing or replacing them
  • We will find out that which part of ac is at fault and if it could be repaired then we will provide the repair facility otherwise we will replace it with a new part which will be 100% genuine.

  • Maintaining the humidity level with help of AC
  • In Mumbai there is a lot of humidity and if you wish to completely control the humidity level with an ac setup at your place then you should contact us without any second thoughts.

  • Servicing, cleaning and regular maintenance
  • We are highly proficient in providing ac servicing, cleaning and maintenance services. All these services are highly essential for your ac if you wish that it should function smoothly.

  • Customized solutions as per your specific demands
  • For your customized requests related to ac repairs we will prove to be your best partner ever.

Name any repair service related to ac in Mumbai, and we can guarantee that you won't be able to find a better servicing partner than us. So don't waste any more time and contact us without any sort of hesitation.

Our expertise, services and pricing in Washing Machine Repair

Our services are of top notch standards and for repairs and replacements we only use 100% genuine parts. We are very quick in providing doorstep repair facility and all your tensions will disappear after dealing with us. Talking about the prices, we will charge only for the exact problem encountered by your washing machine. We don't make any false claims and if you will compare our rates with any other competitor in Mumbai then you will realize that they are far more affordable.

We have a team of dedicated technicians who are not only competent to handle washing machine repairs in households but also in commercial and industrial establishments. So be it any type and any brand of washing machine we will provide exceptional repair services in Mumbai.

What can you exactly expect from our side for washing machine repair services in Mumbai?

Be it any kind of washing machine repair need in Mumbai we will provide doorstep services at completely affordable rates. The following points will give you an idea that what all repair services we provide for washing machine.

  • We will correct the blocked pipes of your washing machine.
  • Our team will check your washing machine for any kind of leakage issue and thereby repairing the same.
  • If your machine is making certain strange noises then we will repair the faulty parts.
  • If you are unable to start or turn off your washing machine then also we will repair it.
  • If the buttons are not functioning or if there is any problem with the timer settings then we will proceed to make the corrections.
  • Sometimes the dryer may stop working; we will do a comprehensive check and repair the fault on time.
  • You can experience a shaky movement in your washing machine and in such a situation there can be problem with the shock absorbers or any other component. We will correct this problem completely.
  • We are expert in repairing as well as replacing faulty motor, blades, doors, lids and other components of washing machine.
  • Sometimes there can be issues like overflowing, in between stoppage, slow filling of water, drainage issues, no agitation, spinning problems, cold and hot water filling issues, sparking problems, wiring fault etc. We are highly experienced in handling all sorts of concerns related to washing machines.

So whether you are using a top loading or front loading washing machine, compact machine or a combination unit, or any other type of it, we can handle all kinds of cases with absolute perfection. We guarantee to provide the best washing machine repair services in Mumbai.

Our experience in the field of refrigerator repairs

We have a brilliant team of technicians who are highly competent in handling all kinds of repair needs associated with refrigerators. In Mumbai we provide refrigerator repair facility for households, offices, commercial as well as industrial establishments. So it does not matter which brand refrigerator you are using or whether it is for home use or industrial refrigeration purposes, we will provide top notch repair facilities.

You can expect the following services from our side if you are looking for refrigerator repair facility in Mumbai

  • Comprehensive checking and repair and replacement of faulty parts
  • We will do a comprehensive checking of the entire refrigerator and then we will proceed with the repairs and replacement process. First of all we will try to repair the damaged parts; if it won't be possible then we will replace them with new parts that will be 100% original. In case of replacement you will get a sufficient warranty period for the new part installed.

  • Assessment of entire wiring
  • Sometimes due to internal or external wiring issues the refrigerator may not work up to the mark and you can experience some issues like sparking or minor electric shocks. We will correct all these flaws instantly.

  • Checking the cooling level
  • The most common problem that people encounter with refrigerators is that the cooling level is not optimum. If your refrigerator is not providing an adequate cooling temperature then we will check for flaws. Sometimes there can be issues like compressor fault, gas leakage issues, under filled or over filled gas, faulty internal or external parts etc. We will check each aspect.

  • Optimizing the ice freezer compartment temperature
  • If ice is not getting formed in the ice freezer compartment then we will check that which part is at fault and then we will do the repairs accordingly.

  • Solving of other issues
  • If there is any other issue with the fridge like broken or redundant parts, too much noise, problem with starting, excessive heat on the sides of outer body of refrigerator, water dispensing problem, door sweating, faulty inside light, excessive cold temperature inside, defrost issues, clogged pipes, or any other matter, we will provide repair facility for each and everything.

Thus be it any requirement related to refrigerator repair services in Mumbai, we are always ready to help you. Contact us without any sort of hesitation and we guarantee that you will have a hassle free experience.

microwave oven repair facility in Mumbai

We provide doorstep microwave oven repair services in Mumbai. All our technicians are highly experienced in repairing microwave ovens that are used in houses, bakeries, restaurants, commercial establishments and other industrial setups. Our services are completely unparalleled and rates are totally affordable. First we will do a comprehensive checking of your microwave oven and once the fault will come to our notice then we will proceed to make the repairs and replacement. If we will replace an old part with a new one then we assure you that it is going to be 100% authentic and you will get the associated warranty for the same.

The microwave oven repair services that we provide in Mumbai

  • We will ensure that the heating level of the microwave oven is adequately maintained.
  • If the microwave is not getting turned on or off then we will correct the flaw.
  • Sometimes the microwave oven will turn on or off automatically then in such a case we will check all parts and then proceed to make the repairs.
  • If the light bulb is not working inside the microwave oven then we will replace it with a new one.
  • Many times the food tray may stop spinning. In this case there can be problem with the motor, roller or any other component. We will check all parts and repair them on time.
  • We have complete mastery in repairing faulty buttons.
  • You can face issues with the display of microwave oven. Our experts very well know how to solve this concern.
  • If you are experiencing sparking problems or certain strange smells from your microwave then you should not delay in contacting us, because otherwise serious damages can be encountered.
  • Many times it is seen that the exhaust fan of microwave oven gets blocked and it stops working. We will see that which part is causing the hindrance and thereby repairing it on time.
  • If the door is getting blocked or you are unable to open it then we will provide instant repair facility.
  • There can be wiring issues at time because of which your microwave oven may not work up to the mark. We will check all flaws and correct them on time.

Now you must have got an idea that be it any kind of repair need related to microwave oven we can handle all types of cases. So you can contact us without any hesitation and we would be more than happy to help you.

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